Tiny Row House Market Bags

My friend Margy makes everything she touches into a work of art. I designed this fun set of market bags after she turned her move to a tiny row house into neighborhood performance art.


Most of the market bag patterns I’ve tried start out the perfect size, but stretch out after just a few uses until they are way too big. These bags will seem small when first completed, but stretch to a roomy size with use.


Make a Market Bag, Bottle Bag, and Egg "Basket" using 100% cotton medium weight yarn like Bernat Handicrafter or Lily Sugar n' Cream. Use cotton scraps for the polka dots.



Market bag: 137 yards

Bottle Bag 57 yards

Egg Basket 139 yards


eBook on Ravelry includes all 3 patterns




Because home is where the art is!
Tiny Row House Market Bags
Detailed Instructions and a Story
Margy's Market Bag
Ruth's Egg "Basket"
Kitchen Brigade Bottle Bag