I am a teacher, speaker, and raconteur, but most of all I love working with smart people to solve challenging problems and learn new things. I love to create crochet patterns that inspire people to discover fun and beautiful new crochet techniques and then develop the confidence to innovate and imagine new variations on their own. I’m also a bit of a history nerd, and I love to share the amazing connections between crochet and fascinating stories from the past.


No crochet project simply comes into the world fully formed; it’s deeply connected to a complex web of makers, innovators, and real people with lives, relationships, and ideas.  That’s why all of my projects are connected to a story, either drawn from history or from the lives of the people who inspire me.


I created Patterns 4 Success Crochet to bring together the various threads of these passions and interests and share them with others. I want to use crochet as a vehicle to inspire people to be successful, whether they are attempting Tunisian worked in the round for the first time, discovering the thrill of figuring out their own pattern variation, or finding new value in their own right to vote after seeing the brave struggles of past generations to secure that right (with crochet hooks in their hands!)


Come crochet with me!  I hope you discover through Patterns 4 Success Crochet a pattern that intrigues you, a story that moves you, or a class that inspires you. 


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About me

Katherine Durack creates innovative crochet patterns that connect us to our world.

Katherine Durack, PhD

Katherine Durack  is a Cincinnati crochet designer and author of award-winning scholarly research on technical documentation and household technology. Having noticed that modern crochet instructions evolved alongside the US woman suffrage movement, she began googling the words "suffrage" and "crochet" with some surprising results. Katherine founded Patterns for Success LLC in 2015 to pursue teaching, writing, and crochet design, specializing in creating patterns for original designs inspired by real people and events.